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Tastes that Remind You of Home

Magnificent Homemade Baked Goods

Find magnificent homemade baked goods and unique custom gift baskets from our business in Jacksonville, Florida. Simply Sara's is proud to offer a veritable cornucopia of delicious baked goods, including homemade cookies, pastries, and confections. We also make custom gift baskets that feature our fantastic items. Contact us at (904) 387-1000 to learn more about our products.

Taste the Difference
Our homemade cookies and sweet creations are made from old family recipes, but we add a little twist. We make and pack our cookies, baked treats, and all rich confections by hand. Each of our items are designed to satisfy the discriminating cookie and sweet treat lover. We pride ourselves in combining the finest baking ingredients and processes to deliver the most unique handmade baked creations you've ever tasted. These are definitely cookies for the sophisticated palate.

That Home-Style Sensibility
Instead of giving someone a mass produced gift, you can give them something tasty from Simply Sara's. We provide personalized services and great products that are available for prices that you can afford. Our staff is dedicated to making sure you are satisfied with our products.

Baked Goods - Homemade Baked Goods in Jacksonville, FL

Custom Gift Baskets
We offer custom gift baskets that are customized to the palate of the person who receives it. A typical example of one of our baskets in the $49.95 range would contain the following items: up to 2-dozen cookies, 1/4 lb. of candied pecans, 4 toffee brownies, and 4 blonde brownies. All items within the basket are packaged for maximum freshness and so your oatmeal raisin cookies do not taste like your chocolate chip cookies. These items can be delivered or shipped to your location at an additional charge. Please note that there is an additional charge for certain combinations.

Contact us in Jacksonville, Florida, at (877) 900-2510 or (904) 387-1000 to place an
order for our homemade baked goods and custom gift baskets.